Tom Caron is New England's Most Popular Sports Personality (8 years running) and today he told us a great story about the man who is probably the LEAST popular, Alex Rodriguez.

It was in Toronto and he was on base and somebody hit a little pop up and the third baseman was camping under it while he was rounding second, and again, it's NOT illegal but it's a breach of etiquette, A-Rod yells "MINE", so the 3rd baseman got out of the way and the baseball fell to the ground.


Now in A-Rod's mind, he's thinking 'Well, I'm doing all I can to win'. Yet, at the same time, that's why everybody in baseball hated him.


- Tom Caron on Alex Rodriguez' Lack of Popularity

If you despise A-Rod, perhaps you'll enjoy tonight's special guest on 'At Home With TC' at 8pm, it's Jason Varitek!

'Tek' famously delivered a double hand smash to the face of A-Rod during a particularly heated brou ha ha back in the summer of 2004 and it wouldn't surprise me if that topic was mentioned on tonight's show!

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