The Red Sox have clinched the AL East for the THIRD year in a row! Our Red Sox Insider Tom Caron tells us that the locker room celebration can be a very painful experience if you're not properly prepared.

Detroit Tigers v Boston Red Sox
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Since The Sox were busting out the champagne bottles last night, I figured it'd be a great opportunity to bust out the block quotes for this 'vintage' TC warning about the aforementioned bubbly.

"Having been in those situations in those locker rooms, champagne BURNS LIKE HELL. I'll tell you that right now. It is BRUTAL." - Tom Caron

After having the pleasure of witnessing 19 of these locker room celebrations during his career, I'll take it to heart from TC to keep it out of your eyes at all costs.

Only two more wins and The Sox will have clinched the best record in all of baseball AND the best record in their 115 year history.

Thanks again to TC for another outstanding Insider Report and to Service Credit Union for making it happen!

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