Our Boston Sports Insider laid it all out using current offers, common sense and basic math to determine how long the 2020 MLB Baseball Season will be. How close will he be to the real thing?

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 70 Games


The players are at 89 games, Manfred can just say 48-50 games (sticking with the contract). To me, what do I know being a reasonable human being so maybe this will never work being reasonable?


You're 40 games apart, split the difference at 70 games, that's being reasonable.


Manfred will be responding to the players, I would guess today or tomorrow.


- Tom Caron on How Many Baseball Games The 2020 Season Will Have

I'm at the point where I almost root for the disagreement to go on longer so that the total of games will be less and less and each game will ultimately mean more and more!

Everybody throws around the terms 'Asterisk Season' but, other than extremely rare years like the 1994 baseball season that didn't have a World Series Champion, nobody cares about that!. It's just ends up being a factoid with extremely small print in an online baseball almanac.

One of my favorite aspects of the NFL Season is that, 95 percent of the time, every win and every loss means so much!

If the Red Sox start out hot (whenever they finally get going), even a 7 game winning streak could mean they're in serious playoff contention. This is something that I had just about given up on last year at this time.

I wouldn't complain about a 2020 World Series Championship* at all.

*Still The Champs

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