I haven't heard anyone's take on the upcoming Divisional Playoff between the Pats and L.A. that is worth rebroadcasting. That is, UNTIL Tom Caron spoke to us today.

Train Images
Train Images

The entire interview above has been dutifully uploaded by the technical wizards of Soundcloud, HOWEVER!

For those of you that would like to jump straight to the prediction? Here it is!

You'd have to come to the conclusion that on paper The Chargers are a better team than the Patriots, but, I do like The Patriots at home, I think that's all the difference in this game.


I have more faith in Tom Brady and The Patriots in home than I do in Philip Rivers and The Chargers on the road. - Tom Caron 

With an extra two weeks to rest and prepare for this opponent, how can you not give even the slightest edge to our beloved TB 12!

Go Pats!

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