This will warm your heart and send you on your way to the weekend with a smile!

According to a story from the Portland Press Herald, K-9 officers Barni and Trixie, are just getting used to their new winter shoes that are designed to keep their paws clean and away from salt and sand.  These are the four-legged law enforcement officers of the Portland PD trying on these shoes for the first time:

Oh my goodness.  I have watched this about 10 times and I'm laughing every time!  I love dogs so much.  There's NO WAY that my dog would ever keep these shoes on.  She was the most active and would rip any sort of collar or leash away from her, no matter what we tried to do and now.... well, she's dead now, so she's not wearing any shoes of any kind.  Unless of course, they have shoes over the Rainbow Bridge - even then, she's kick 'em off!

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