This isn't a Godzilla movie parody, this ACTUALLY HAPPENED at a Florida Golf Course and we have the first hand account from his harrowing encounter (as well as the photo) right here!

"I hit a golf ball the other day and it landed about seven feet in front of a huge alligator. A twelve foot alligator. And there was a huge debate over whether you should play it where it lies, which I DID NOT DO, I was more than happy to take the one stroke penalty and keep my limbs." - Tom Caron

We managed to cover a lot of ground with TC today, four major sports, fashion AND wildlife!

He is usually spot on with his predictions and today he made the shocking claims that the Celts will LOSE to The Clippers (I disagree) and that the Bruins will lose another game at some point this season (I also disagree).

It'll be interesting to see who is correct! Tune in next Friday, same TC time, (8:40AM) right here on The Shark Morning Show With Sarah and A-Train!

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