I was expecting NESN's Tom Caron to be much more glum on the subject of the Red Sox current collapse today. On the contrary! His long view prospects of their playoff chances provided a much needed bit of therapy.

Detroit Tigers v Boston Red Sox
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Bad week, no doubt about it.


But, a lot of baseball left, 39 games remain.


And look, a lot of those games are against teams with losing records. I think the schedule lays out in such a way that they still wind up making the playoffs as a Wild Card team.


Beat up the bad teams, beef up the record and then go after those guys (Yankees and Rays) later.


- NESN's Tom Caron with a 'long view' of  The Red Sox' playoff chances

Even though this perspective delivered me from the doldrums of gloom and doom, it's pretty remarkable how quick this season divebombed to the point it is at right now.

About a week into July, the phrase 'The Red Sox Playoff chances' once meant something entirely different.

It meant lining up Chris Sale and Nate Eovaldi in the Divisional Series.

That is a far less anxiety ridden scenario of barely scraping into the second Wild Card spot and hoping to get hot on that one particular day.

But, when you lose eleven out of your last seventeen games when the calendar flips to August, you're going to have to expect bad things to happen to your prospects of a successful October.

I haven't heard anyone predict postseason contention when it comes to Boston lately.

But I'm hopeful that the one guy that knows the team the best,(in my humble opinion) , has confidence they'll make it happen.

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