Sioban Lopez covered a story for WMUR regarding Facebook and how it's uncovered "sophisticated" efforts to influence U.S. politics on their social platforms.

According to an interview as part of the WMUR story, Jeff Strutzman, chief intelligence officer at cyber-intelligence firm Wapack Labs in New Boston, applauded the Facebook security team for identifying and removing the accounts.  He said,

Some of these things can be really real-looking. It's really hard to discern what's right and what's not.

According to the WMUR report, Facebook says the pages in question did not have Russian IP addresses.  Good to know.

Okay, I understand that Facebook has some responsibility to figure out who is using their sites and who is not, however, shouldn't WE THE PEOPLE take some responsibility for checking the facts for ourselves?

I see it all the time.  People will see/read/hear whatever they want to see/read/hear, accurate or not and sometimes, it ignites a firestorm and people are hurt because of mis-information.

It's always been my practice to "investigate" (to the best of my ability) everything on the internet.  There are SO MANY sources now to check and see if something is real or fake.

That's right.  I watch CatFish on MTV and I've learned a trick or two.



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