Have you read through these new COVID rules for bar entertainment here in New Hampshire? They prove that safety can be a downright weird thing.

Microphone on stage


All participants/performers must use their own  microphone.


Sharing of microphones is not allowed unless and until the microphone has been sanitized/cleaned per the CDC guidance for cleaning and disinfection or a protective cover is used by Karaoke provider and is removed and changed between use).


- Covid Guidance from the Latest Updates on NH.gov

All I can picture is a Karaoke enthusiast getting ready for the evening and then grabbing their own personalized microphone case as they walk out the door. Kind of like a bowling ball bag, but much smaller.

I'm sure that the hosts will be very vigilant in the sanitization of microphones and I have to think that they will now rotate several mikes to keep within the guidelines. Is there a such thing as disposable windscreens?

In all seriousness, singing in public places was one of the first red flag activities that caused super spreader events. I'm glad that the number of active cases has shrunk to the point where Karaoke is once again a manageable and fun past time and no longer deemed unsafe.

Live Bands

Small group bands (3 performers or fewer) are allowed as long as they can maintain physical distance of at least 10 feet from audience members.


- COVID Guidance from the Latest Updates on NH.gov

I can't wait to talk to the Governor about this one!

I have to think that bass players will not be a big fan of this guideline, as they would be the first to go in any 4 piece group.

Also, I bet the cover songs of The Police, Rush and ZZ Top are going to be played in heavy rotation throughout this new era of NH rock band safety.

I cannot help but wonder, what was the genesis of such a law to be written that way?

Get it?


I know I'm making a lot of bad jokes and poking fun, but I'm very happy that DHHS is working hard to keep us safely entertained and soon we will all triumph in our efforts to free ourselves from the pandemic by following these guidelines.


Get it?

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