Ice Cream Near Me

No matter what state in New England you can name, the vote was unanimous.  Ben & Jerry's is the favorite brand of ice cream, and with good reason.

Who doesn't love ice cream?

I can't think of one person.  I can, however, think of several people who have made me stop the car when driving by an ice cream stand.  Here in New England, we probably don't have as many as in other parts of the country, considering that our weather can get stupid cold. But that does not mean that our love doesn't run deep for the creamy goodness.

Ben & Jerry'saccording to, is the favorite national brand of every single New England state.  This was based on Google trends for a 12-month period, ending in April of 2024.

It is an event when Ben & Jerry's comes out with a new flavor.  If you are ever in the Vermont area, an absolute must-stop is the Ben & Jerry's factory in South Burlington.  You'll learn about the history of the company, how the ice cream is made, and at the end of the tour, you can check out the B&J Flavor Graveyard.

What's Our Favorite Local Ice Cream Flavor?

What's your favorite brand of ice cream?

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