We all know that ticks are dangerous.  Combine those things with mosquitoes and we all have to go outside fully clothed it seems!

According to a report from WMTW, a Vermont man died of a rare complication from Lyme Disease called Lyme Carditis.  While Lyme disease is increasingly common throughout New England, Lyme Carditis is very rare.  About 1% of all Lyme disease reported nationally experience Lyme carditis.


The report further says:

the rare condition happens when bacteria that cause Lyme disease gets into the tissues of the heart, where it can interfere with the movement of electrical signals between the heart's chambers.

Should we all just go around with every inch of skin covered?  Sometimes I think it's a good idea!  You could get bitten by a mosquito and contract west nile or the zika virus, or get skin cancer from the sun or, as in this poor guys case, get Lyme disease.


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