When you read this headline, you probably get a visual of Richie Rich riding a skateboard of gold. But with a closer look at this latest WalletHub study, you'll see that Granite State children are more happy and healthy than bratty and wealthy.

Source: WalletHub

The way this study is worded is 'States With The Most Underprivileged Children' and NH scored 50th. (Yes, we were technically beaten by New Jersey but seriously, I'll take the Granite State over 'Joisey' 1000 times out of a thousand.)

The three major criteria used in this study were 'Socio-Economic Welfare', 'Health' and 'Education'.

We did take the top spot for 'Lowest % of Children in Households With Below Poverty Income' and came very close to topping the nation for 'Lowest Child Food-Insecurity Rate' and 'Lowest Infant Mortality Rate' with our sister state 'Vermont' taking the top honors.

So, even though our children may not be swimming in a pool of gemstones and drying themselves with towels made of $1000 bills, rest assured they are in one of the healthiest States in the country.

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