We are all just so sad that Alex Trebek has passed away.  We all knew it was coming too, but it's still so hard to say goodbye to a man who has been part of our lives, our routines, for so so long.  For me, Jeopardy was the show that I watched just before I went to bed every night.  7:30 - 8pm, then lights out.  Alex's sign off, "So long, Everybody" was my cue to turn out the lights.

It's so fun to play along with the contestants on Jeopardy.  I particularly liked the Teen and College Tournaments, cuz I felt the smartest when I tried to answer the questions.  Not because I was any smarter, but my life experience on those kids sometimes gave me an edge.  The Tournament of Champions, forget about it.  I was lucky to get ONE right.

Over the years, Jeopardy has had hundreds of answers pertaining to the Granite State.  As a matter of fact, that was one of the questions.  It may have been phrased:  ANSWER:  This New England State is known as The Granite State.  QUESTION:  What is New Hampshire?  YES!  $200 for me!  Here are 20 questions from the show, pulled from j-archive.com, over the years that you can try to answer for yourself.  See how well you do.

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