Sandha Kihn, who now lives in Los Angeles may have finished third. However, it was a solid bronze, and she quickly became a fan favorite.

Last night, many New Hampshire residents eagerly latched onto a graduate of Portsmouth High School. Sandha Khin made an appearance on 'America's Favorite Game Show.' While she was careful about the the answers she chimed in with, it wasn't enough to make her a Jeopardy champion. Last night even included a music category. Personally, when one of these pops up, I feel it's like a video game power-up. Even if I sheepishly answered a 2019 boy band question with 'One Direction' (really, it was either them or BTS) Sandha was a pro, and answered 'Backstreet Boys,' who TBH, I thought were last seen guesting on a Florida Georgia Line song a few years ago. 

Also, turns out she and Alex Trebek have pets in common.

While she calls LA home, she's likely had to deal with Boston's Big Dig. In fact, it was one of the answers last night, and she answered it without hesitation. Score! But, still in third.

In the end, locals were hoping for a Final Jeopardy Hail-Mary, and Sandha delivered. She correctly answered 'Filet o Fish' as the fast food invented for a meatless alternative during Lent. However, everybody knows that, at least the other two contestants did. Sandha finished in third, but with a more than respectable total of $8,800. She didn't get to keep that amount, but walked away with a $1,000 prize.



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