A FedEx Freight driver and former police sergeant, Charlie Bourret, shared this video of students from the Bethlehem Elementary School in Bethlehem, New Hampshire loading Christmas trees while they sang carols. The program is called "Trees For Troops" and it provided families of service members across the U.S. with free Christmas trees, according to WMUR. 700 trees that were home-grown in Bethlehem were loaded onto trucks at The Rocks Estate. Nationally, approximately 17,000 trees were delivered to military families on bases around the country, according to WMUR.

Bourret says it was his favorite work day of the year, as he also drove one of the trucks, last year. The event has become a tradition for 5th and 6th graders at Bethlehem elementary school. This is their 12th year participating in "Trees For Troops."

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