Reinforcing what many residents already know, the Granite State was recently voted one of the best overall states in America. In fact, it beat every other state in New England.

A ranking from U.S. News & World Report, with information powered by McKinsey and Company showed that we placed #5 in their overall 'best states' list. The comprehensive data, which broke down Economy, Health Care, Education, Infrastructure, Crime & Corrections, Fiscal Stability, Quality of Life, and Opportunity. In regards to opportunity, there is no one better in the country. So, not only are we #1 in the country for online dating, we're #1 in general opportunity.

New Hampshire also placed #2 in Crime & Corrections, where our neighbors in Maine paced the United States. Massachusetts fared well, placing eighth overall, and also leading the country in education. (NH finished 4th) 

According to the study, Iowa came in as the #1 overall 'best state.' Minnesota and Utah completed the podium. Other than previously mentioned Massachusetts in 8th, the only other New England state in the top 10 was Vermont at #9.

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