As I prepare to bring new life into this world, I am realizing that things that didn't used to affect me are going to matter to me A LOT in just a few months. For example, how baby or kid-friendly a public restroom is! This is uncharted territory for me, and I am both excited and nervous to start navigating it all.

A friend of mine brought up an issue on her Instagram story the other day that never crossed my mind. Her daughter is nine months old, which means she's now too big to be carried around in a car seat but too small to be left alone outside the bathroom stall while mom uses the bathroom. So what the heck is mom supposed to do if she didn't bring a stroller into the restaurant?

I asked my friend who posted this what she does, and she says she hovers over the toilet while holding her child like some kind of circus act. Another mom responded and said she sits her son inside of a reusable Trader Joe's bag with a toy so he's not on the nasty floor. There needs to be a better solution than that.

A few people said they have seen high chairs attached to the wall inside the stalls, but they are very rare.

baby chair in toilet
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Is there a better solution out there that we are clearly missing? New Hampshire moms, what are you doing in this situation?

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