One man's trash is another man's surfboard.

A man from Hampton Falls, New Hampshire designed a surfboard from styrofoam cups that are usually thrown in the garbage. Korey Nolan won second place in an international upcycling competition that challenged people to create something from recycled junk that they found in the trash, according to NBC News. The 32-year-old reportedly used 700 foam cups which took him six months to collect. It then took him two months to work his magic with plant-based epoxy and fiberglass as additional materials to hold the board together. Nolan added plastic drinking straws to the fins for a "pop of color," according to CBS Boston. The surfboard weighs 15 pounds.

Nolan told NBC he tries to "make choices that will help make the world a better place."


(By the way, the video from CBS Boston claims Nolan is a Massachussets native.)

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