In case you're thinking of packing up and starting over, don't just throw a dart, check out this study.


Granite Staters have bragging rights as New Hampshire is ranked number 4 out of the 50 states.

Wallethub conducted the study and looked into a few different metrics including Financial Safety Rank, Road Safety Rank, Workplace Safety Rank among others.

The study considers a broad definition of safety, that also includes emergency preparedness as well as home and community safety.

As for the criteria mentioned above, New Hampshire ranked 7th in 'Financial Safety' Rank, 22nd in 'Road Safety' Rank, 2nd in 'Workplace Safety', 6th in 'Natural Disasters' Rank and 14th in 'Home and Securities' Rank.

Our neighbors to the south, Massachusetts, was ranked number 1, while our western neighbors, Vermont, ranked second.


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