Check out these best friends just doing their thing and having fun. Celebrities who are also the closest of friends are always a cool thing to find out about.

And when fun stories of one of our own like Adam Sandler come on the radar, it's fun to catch up.

So what's with the special photo of Adam Sandler, Jim Carrey, and David Spade? According to David's Instagram, it's a birthday celebration for Jim.

Happy birthday to Jim Carrey who has made me laugh on and off the field so many times. Such a cool dude. I rarely bust out the cake emoji but i will today. 🎂

Rob Lowe even commented, "Too Much Talent for One Room."

Funny guy Jim Carrey spent his latest birthday with two of his favorite comedians and friends Adam and David, at what People Magazine said was "The Laugh Supper". But the celeb-filled birthday celebration for Jim's 62nd time around the sun didn't stop there.

Fellow comedian Jeff Ross shared a couple of photos from the celebration on his Instagram, and wow, what a laugh-riot dinner table.

The Laugh Supper ! Happy birthday Jim Carrey ! We love you !

In case you need some help determining who is in this fantastic happy birthday party, besides David Spade, Adam Sandler, and Jeff Ross enjoying The Laugh Supper with birthday boy Jim Carrey, there's Jimmy Kimmel, Seth Green, Howie Mandel, Craig Robinson, Ben Schwartz, Carey Elwes, and Paul Vincent, according to People Magazine.
I'm laughing and smiling even more so just because of the crazy talent of the funny guys all in one room. Oh to be a fly on that striped wallpaper.

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