We are really spoiled in New Hampshire (and all of New England, really) when it comes to choices of which town to raise a family in, but this town is number one.

Hanover, New Hampshire, is the #1 Town to Raise a Family

According to niche.com, Hanover, New Hampshire, is the number one place to raise a family, with a grade of A+.  With a population of just over 11,000 people, it's a small enough town to get to know everything about it and everyone in it.

They based their findings on public schools, crime and safety, housing, nightlife, good for families, diversity, jobs, weather, cost of living, health and fitness, outdoor activities, and commute.  All of these categories got high grades, except for the weather and cost of living.  The weather got a C because it's New Hampshire, and it's cold about nine months out of the year.  The cost of living also got a C+ because Hanover is expensive to live in, with a median house price of $691,300.

I have been to Hanover many times, and I agree. It is a great town, but I would question the grade of "A" for nightlife.  There's not much going on after dark in Hanover.  Sure, there are a few restaurants that don't close until 10pm-ish, but there's no "club" where you can dance the night away.  It's a college town.  An Ivy League college town.  If you attend that college, you're spending all your free time studying.  Also, if you're looking to that town to raise a family, you won't want to go out on the town late at night anyway.

Check out this map.  It will show you all the towns that have an "A" rating.  There are many right here in the Seacoast where I raised my family, and I think we're all pretty happy about that.

What's your favorite New Hampshire town?

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