With the lovely weather this summer, there's no doubt that many of us have enjoyed spending time outside with friends, family, and great food. For some of you, your plans might have included a trip to play some mini golf.

But did you know that one particular mini golf course near Concord, New Hampshire, holds a record for the world's longest mini golf hole?

Chuckster's in Chichester is a family fun park that has everything from a spacious miniature golf course...

...to go karts...

...a ropes course and zipline...

...bumper boats...

...and much more (plus food and ice cream for all). Two other locations also exist in Hooksett (although they only have mini golf and food), and Vestal, New York.

But some may be surprised to know that the Chichester location is home to the world's longest mini golf hole. That's right, according to their website, hole 13 is 201 feet long, making it the longest one of its kind on the planet. Take a look.

Hole 13 was even featured on New Hampshire Chronicle. Isn't that awesome?

Apparently there are two different ways to get a hole in one here. One way keeps the ball on the grass, while the other takes it in the water. The below video shows both methods.

So, there you have it. For those of you who've visited Chuckster's, you can flex to your friends that you conquered the longest mini golf hole in the world, and then reward yourself with a delicious ice cream cone. If you haven't yet been, do yourself a favor and pay this place a visit. You won't regret it.

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