Talk about a crazy cool sighting if you happen to be hanging out in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire.  If you thought you saw actress and Model Brooke Shields but weren't sure, then let me assure you, you most likely did.  How did the Granite State get so lucky?  According to the Facebook page of the Chaos and Kindness flagship store in Laconia, Brooke did a bit of browsing at their store and ended up buying a few hats.

We were thrilled to have Brooke Shields stop by our Chaos & Kindness store in Laconia, NH and pick up a few of our colorful hats! She loved our mission of kindness and we love her.


Whether you grew up with her or not, you know the name "Brooke Shields". She's the Princeton University grad born and raised in Manhattan who has been in the limelight since before she was a teen. She's been modeling as well as acting in movies and television shows ever since.  As a matter of fact, there's a documentary about her that just came out this year on Hulu.  It's a two-parter that follows her life and career from her exploitation as a child star to liberation as an adult.  It's called Pretty Baby: Brooke Shields.

Meanwhile, Brooke Shields continues to be the Chief Brand Officer for Prospect Farms and its products.  It's a hemp farm in Prospect, Maine.  Maybe she was up visiting this addition to her career and decided to road trip around Northern New England?

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