Our friends at Zippia have compiled this very useful list. Let's see if your job made the list.

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If you are thinking of making a career change in 2017, and want to stay in the Granite State, you should be quite interested in this list. Actually the list is interesting anyway.

Here are the top 5 growing fields in New Hampshire.

  1. Personal Financial Advisors
  2. Nurse Practioners
  3. Home Health Aids
  4. Physical Therapists
  5. Web Developers

According to Zippia.com, here's how they got their findings.

Every couple of years each state’s Department of Labor works in conjunction with the Bureau of Labor Statistics to compile projections for job growth by occupation. The government last completed this research in 2014 with projections going out until 2024.

We then identified the occupations in New Hampshire that are projected to have at least 1,000 workers in 2024 so that the jobs will still be relevant. This left us with data for 138 occupations in New Hampshire.

Next, we ranked every occupation based on job growth in 2017, from 1 to 138.

I wish I had enough stashed away to need a personal financial advisor. if you'd like to take a look at the top 100 growing job fields in New Hampshire, click here.

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