A recent study of each state's living wage has placed the Granite State among the top ten highest in the country. 

The study was done by Zippia, using the MIT Living Wage Calculator, and the results were based on the annual cost of living for a family of three (2 adults, 1 child).

The findings tell us that in order to maintain a normal standard of living in New Hampshire it will cost you $55,103 annually. That means New Hampshire comes in at the 9th highest living wage in the country.

1 - Distrtict of Columbia $67,867

2 - Hawaii $60,700

3 - Massachusetts $59,560

4 - Connecticut $59,502

5 - New York $59,128

6 - Maryland $58,178

7 - California $57,315

8 - New Jersey $56,109

9 - New Hampshire  $55,103

10 - Alaska 54,400

That seems reasonable right? Until you factor in that the data only considered a family with one child. What about those with two or more children? Then they become astronomical.

Time to move to Kentucky and eat dirt sandwiches.

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