Today, I went to get my teeth cleaned at Dover Dental.  (Side note:  Thank you to the hygienist for not hitting the nerves that live on the OUTSIDE of my back molars.  I was afraid, but you did a great job)  Anyway, after the appointment, I was really hungry, so I noticed that the Chipotle across the street had opened and all of a sudden I was craving a burrito, so I went across the street.

Right in back of the new Chipotle on Central Ave., they are building a new Aldi.  You may remember hearing the news about the opening a while back.  I was curious when the exact date would be, so I called Jim Mitchell, Tropic Star Development Company, cited in the news story from Fosters.  He said that there is a date to open, however, they are not saying exactly what that date is yet.  It makes sense when Jim explained that they want to make sure that all the potential issues they might have are worked out before they open their doors.

Really looking forward to the new store!

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