Best at what? Flipping the bird? Not using their 'blinkah'? Cutting me off while doing both of the aforementioned? This is outrageous!

Car Crash Face

This survey is provided by which has done extensive research on many different subjects of financial matters both inside and outside of the automotive field.

I do not doubt the accuracy of their statistics, HOWEVER, I do have my own theory as to why Massachusetts came out on top.

The Bay State is at the top when it comes to Percentage of Insured Drivers, scoring an impressive 93.8%. But, that shouldn't be heavily weighted when it's ILLEGAL to drive without it? Since when do you get extra credit for not committing a crime?

Also, in the 'Fatalities Per 100 Million Vehicle Miles Traveled' category, Massachusetts boasts an excellent rate of .54. My response to this? Have you ever driven on Route 128? How difficult is it to remain safe at a rate of speed of around 2 miles an hour?

Maybe all my 'survey rage' is because New Hampshire has been deemed THE WORST driving State in all of northern New England.

Seriously? How are we worse than Maine?

It's all about that insurance stat. Maine drivers are insured at a remarkable 95.5% They may be going the wrong way with their hood open while reading The Old Farmer's Almanac but WOW! Can they pay their insurance bill!

I do wholeheartedly agree with my home away from home, Nevada, winning the silver medal for WORST drivers.

When you factor in free drinks, thousands of rental cars and people confusing 95 for the speed limit for 650 miles? Bad things are bound to happen.

Be safe out there Granite Staters and for heaven's sake GET SOME INSURANCE!

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