The Olive Garden in Newington is one of my favorite restaurants.  I know it's a chain, but if a restaurant makes good food, I'm all about it.  My step-son CAN NOT get enough bread sticks and luckily, the servers just keep bringing them at sometimes, an alarming rate.  Truth be told, the Olive Garden is my GO TO place when I feel like the world is coming at me at a fast pace and I need lasagna.

Anyhoo, they put out a Tweet with a bunch of different shades of eye color like, "Breadstick Bronzer," "Fierce fettuchini," and "Spaghetti Sparkle."  Someone immediately tweeted at them asking if it was real or not.  They responded by saying, "It NEEDS to be."  So, at this point, the Olive Garden is not selling any make-up, but because of the great response they are getting, they just might.  Brilliant marketing.

One person on their Twitter feed said they should make the colors SMELL like the food as well.  I'm not sure I'm down with that.  I'm all about scratch and sniff, but I don't want to go around all day smelling like garlic.  No offense to the garlic.  I love the stuff, just not on my face.




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