It's been years since I jumped down the YouTube rabbit hole of 'Candlepins For Cash', the 1970s Boston TV Game Show that I loved as a kid. I'm stoked to find 'NEW' footage!

This is EXACTLY how I remember it. That futuristic 'automatic door' was such an amazing thing to me at Age 5, now looking at this episode, it looks considerably less than amazing.

This is the 1,283rd episode so, something tells me my fandom didn't happen until late in the run of this show.

I actually have talked to TWO PEOPLE who were contestants of this program and their recollections were very similar. Apparently, this little two lane bowling alley was constructed in the garage of the TV studio, right next to the camera trucks.

They would stop filming when the trucks needed to leave the garage because the sound of the diesel engines would interrupt the audio of the show!

And WOW! Not exactly a huge cash budget for prize money. That $6720 is a far cry from the NINE dollars that this contestant won, for a pretty decent score. If you've ever tried Candlepin bowling, you know that a nine is pretty respectable.

It was always a dream of mine to bowl during the credits like these kids are doing at the very end of the video.

You definitely want to watch until the end, that Datsun commercial ($4171 Delivered!) and the random film of a chimpanzee cascading down the side of a building? It's completely worth watching!

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