Let's face it, chances are your bracket is a mess. On this episode, Bob and I attempt to hit the 'Reboot' button and pick both a Champ and a Sleeper from the remaining 16 teams.

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A-Train's Champ: Arizona Wildcats

I feel I need to lead off this segment because my initial prediction of The Arizona Wildcats to win it all is STILL ALIVE!

However, my bracket buster prediction of The Rhode Island Rams came within about 50 seconds of making me look like an absolute genius. Close, but no cigar.

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A-Train's 'Sleeper': The Michigan Wolverines

Since 99 percent of the population's brackets are already crushed and in tiny pieces on the ground, Bob and I have decided to name our newest unlikely underdog 'The Sleeper'.

I have chosen The Michigan Wolverines because I think Oregon should be called 'The Wounded Ducks' and I just have the feeling that Michigan is blessed this year. (If you need additional proof of this, see the ball in the picture above, IT DID NOT GO IN THE HOOP!)

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Bob from Honda Barn's Champ: The North Carolina Tarheels

I may have given Bob an awful ribbing about his terrible bracket on this segment. But the fact is, he does have a finalist that is still alive in this tournament and that is better than a lot of folks. He has upgraded Roy Williams' Tarheels from being silver medalists, to hoisting The Gold on April 3rd.

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Bob from Honda Barn's 'Sleeper': The South Carolina Gamecocks

Much like James Taylor, Bob has 'Carolina In My Mind'. Picking both 'No Car' as The Champ and 'So Car' as The Sleeper, the rivalry between these two states will REALLY reach a boiling point if the final game features these teams.

If you truly have 'No Car'. Please see Bob from Honda Barn on his home court on Route 108 in Stratham and he will be more than happy to show you around and treat you like a Champ AND The Big Deal!