There are many known Disney movies that are Halloween-themed "Hocus Pocus," "Halloweentown," "My Mom's Got a Date With a Vampire," and "Don't Look Under the Bed" to name a few. It is not unknown that Disney had recently filmed "Hocus Pocus 2" in New England (Rhode Island) and the movie will be going directly to Disney+ on September 30th.

Well, yet another Halloween-themed movie will be filmed in New England that will eventually be streaming on Disney+ and I honestly believe that they will be remaking "Halloweentown." According to Patch, Disney+ will be filming this new movie in Massachusetts.

Patch writes that Norwood's Town Common will be the primary filming location of this new Halloween-themed movie, along with the Norwood Theatre and local businesses. There will be 14 days of shooting, with five taking place inside the Norwood Theatre. Filming will be taking place throughout the month of August.

Filming will not just be in Norwood, Patch states that though most of the filming will happen there, filming will also take place on two streets in Dedham, MA.

According to Patch, it is believed that due to this film, Norwood will become a rival to Salem, as visitors will flock to feel like they are visiting this Halloween-inspired town.

Okay, hear me out I completely think that this movie is going to be a remake of the Disney Channel's Original Movie "Halloweentown," and here is why.

First, in case you forgot what happened in the 1998 film "Halloweentown" here is a clip:

According to Patch, a simple synopsis is "It's kind of a fun, spooky Halloween-themed movie for kids [...] Magic happens on Halloween, and things go awry."

Let's start with the fact that for this film they are turning the town of Norwood practically into a Halloween wonderland. When I think of "Halloweentown," that is one of the first things that I think about. Not to mention there is always trouble that has to be undone in all of the Halloweentown films.

One thing that really stuck out to me is that they are also filming in a theater. If you don't remember "Halloweentown," some characters go into a trance-like state and almost lose their souls in a movie theater.

Now am I 100% sure that they are actually redoing "Halloweentown?" No, however, it would be amazing for them to redo that 1998 Disney Channel's Orginal Movie. No matter what, "Halloweentown" or not, it is pretty cool that Disney keeps coming to New England for their newest spooky movies.

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