Our western neighbor and sister state has some eccentricities in its accent that are, in my humble opinion, weird and annoying.

Courtesy - ideabug - Portland
Courtesy - ideabug - Portland

Line is pronounced Loin

The long 'I' sound ironically sounds like it's being pronounced by someone from Long Island. This can get confusing when someone from The Green Mountain State agrees with you and says 'Foin'.

They pronounce R's like a pirate

I know we New Hampshirites shouldn't be throwing stones on the subject of 'R' pronunciation but Vermonters really fracture my EAR with their R's.

It's cartoonishly funny to hear words like Wal MEART and ShEARp cheddar. They somehow compress an entire pirate 'eaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrr' into one little syllable.

To hear them say Boston Celtics player 'Marcus Smart' is a rare treat.

The Glottal Stop

I didn't know there was a name for this! It's been bugging me for years and I thought it was the fault of the younger generation, Vermont invented it!

There is no 'T' sound. The 'T' has been replaced with a gulping cluck. Mountain is now Moun (cluck) in and Button is Buh (cluck) in.

I despise the Glottal Stop! And/Or the Gloh (cluck) el Stop!

Suffice it to say I prefer the accent East of the Connecticut River.

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