With just about two weeks left before The NH National Guard gets out of 'The Vaccine Business', they are really meeting folks more than halfway concerning the COVID vaccination process. They're up at Bike Week!

Maryland Vaccine Equality Taskforce Aims To Deliver Vaccinations To Minority Communities
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We're appreciative of the opportunity to serve the State of New Hampshire.


This is the highest level that we can reach as Guardsmen is to serve others as a public need.


- Staff Sgt. Dante Davis - Army National Guard

This is yet another perfect opportunity to reach out to those that haven't been vaccinated yet, and wouldn't you know it, The National Guard is all over it once again.

In my humble opinion, the best thing you can do in reaching those that haven't been vaccinated yet, is to give them easy free access to it, with no hassles.

This tent up at Laconia is a genius set up. It features all three brands of vaccines too.

Honestly, if I wasn't vaccinated yet, I'd select Johnson & Johnson. It's the only 'One And Done' shot. A quick jab and you're all set for at least a half year and you won't have to worry about scheduling your second dose.

Since the weather is supposed to be pretty awful the next two days, you have the perfect window of time to endure any mild side effects. When Wednesday rolls around and the weather is perfect? You're in the clear!

I'm happy that, according to this WMUR report, they've had some customers and I have to think that the pace will be slow but steady right through this weekend.

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