According to a story from WMUR, a NH bill would allow counseling for kids as young as 12 years old without parents knowledge.

It's the proposal of Rep. Nicole Klein-Knight, D-Manchester.  She told the House Health, Human Services and Elderly Affairs Committee that it's aimed at young people who don't feel safe sharing their pain with their parents.  She is quotes as saying:

This bill is not for good parents. This bill is not for active parents. This bill is for the thousands of children that have addicts for parents or who have abusive parents or have a family they can not go to.

Although I see her point for the children who don't get any support from their parents for whatever reason, I would argue that this bill could be beneficial for all parents, not just the ones who are deemed abusive.  What if a child is going through something that they just can't talk to their parents about, wouldn't a good parent want their child to talk to someone, even if it was without their knowledge?  I know that I had the option of talking to my guidance counselor in school and I don't think my Mother ever knew about it.  I loved having that option.

This may open up other problems, however, I think it's worth a discussion, for our kids sake.

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