Social distancing while bird watching can be easy if you have about 40 open acres to roam upon. We saw quite a bit of activity this weekend and as well as a sure sign that warmer temps will soon be here.

Train Images
Train Images

Tree Swallow

Ah yes! The avian acrobat and professional bug catcher is a fixture in the open fields and marshland of NH throughout the spring and summer months.

In the summertime, they take advantage of the fact that we humans draw mosquitoes and other biting insects as we walk by and they will chow down as they accompany you providing loop de loops and figure eights for your entertainment.

It never ceases to amaze me that those artful little bombardiers were wintering in Central America or Mexico just a short while ago.

One male was checking out a bird box and flew EXACTLY like the above video shows at :25.

They are BACK! And warmer weather will soon be here!

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