A New Hampshire bouncer is the third person charged in connection with a New Year's Day incident.

31-year-old Timothy Wilcot is being charged with assault after his alleged involvement with a now infamous incident that played out on New Year's Day outside of McGarvey’s bar.

According to Boston.com, a video that went viral appears to show a bouncer stomp on the head of a man as he’s lying on the sidewalk outside a Manchester, New Hampshire, bar early on the holiday.

In the video, police noted that multiple people wearing “STAFF” t-shirts can be seen bringing a man outside of the establishment. Police noted Wilcott allegedly punched the man, stating “The man is held down, kicked and punched in the head.”

This allegedly started when Brandon Pichette, 31, of Manchester was arrested on a disorderly conduct violation when authorities saw him “wrestling” with bar staff.

The other two bouncers in question were charged last week.

Also, when announcing the latest arrest, they noted the charge against Pichette has been dropped.

According to Boston.com, Wilcot was released on personal recognizance.

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