This past weekend, I got to emcee one of the cooking demonstrations, "Meet the Chefs" at the Granite State Solar Seacoast Home Show at the Whittemore Center on the campus of UNH in Durham.  It was a blast!  I got to hang out with Chef Erin Gardner who brought us a very simple way to decorate a cake.

When she first got there, I thought there's no way that I would be able to do the "simple" things that she was talking about, but as it turns out, I did it and BOY am I inspired!!

Chef Erin brought a bunch of plastic spoons, filled them with different types of melted chocolates and created beautiful spring tulips.  She then showed us how to make leafs for the tulips out of fondant.  Equally easy!  I learned that fondant comes in all kinds of colors, so there's no way to mess up the color and it cuts very easily too.

Chef Erin also said that you could use all kinds of shapes for different effects, like, paper straws for the stems of the tulips.

I am stoked and ready to bake!  You can get Erin's book wherever books are sold, or just click here and be inspired.


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