A church here in New Hampshire had a time capsule from 1893 buried in the church's foundation.

WCAX reports that a metal box was discovered chiseled in to the foundation of St. Matthew's Chapel in Sugar Hill, NH on Monday.  It is being temporarily relocated a few feet away so the foundation can be repaired.  The workers who were doing the work found the box.

Inside the box there was a newspaper clipping from August of 1893 when the church was first built, some coins and a prayer book.  The report implies that the book isn't in great shape because one of the church members is going to take the book to a book conservator to see if it can be salvaged.

How cool is that?  It's inspiring me to put a bunch of things in a box and burying them in my backyard.  Things like, a CD player, my old walkman, an old flip phone, a landline phone and a copy of "Educated," which is the latest selection from my book club.  Well, if I HAD a book club, I should say.



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