Let's take a closer look at some of the most recent numbers released on NH.gov and see which direction things are trending for The Granite State and our battle against COVID-19 infection.


 476 Active Cases

With each and every flip of the calendar, things look more and more like we're getting out of the woods. Even though the current number of Active Cases means 65 more people are infected than last weeks low of 411, it is trending back in the right direction from the weekly high of 500.

For whatever reason, cases at the end of the week have always ballooned and then quickly dropped off after the weekend. Hopefully that continues with today's release of statistics.

40 Hospitalizations

Another good example of where we stand today compared to the darkest days of this pandemic. Just a couple of weeks ago, Wentworth Douglas Hospital here in Dover had 17 people hospitalized for COVID-19. According to multiple sources, they are now currently treating one person.

Granted, it's impossible to rest easy until all the numbers everywhere are zero.

But only 40 people being treated in a State with a population of almost 1.4 million people is certainly a good sign.

48 New Active Cases

This number was reported on Sunday and helps to comprise a 37% overall drop in New Active Cases for the previous week.

Keep in mind, on August 15th of last year this number dropped all the way to 8.

But if a near 40% drop continues for the short term, combined with a vaccination rate that's highest in the entire country, these numbers should reach all time lows soon, AND, hopefully, stay that way.

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