What is half chain link fence, half plastic heavy duty mesh and 100% effective (so far)? The Gonic NH Deer Free Garden Experiment 2019!

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The finishing touches of this pen were put into place this weekend and thankfully all of the plants were left alone by the deer during the process of building this enclosure.

Whenever deer see anything newly constructed or sense any defense attempts, they tend to shy away for a short while and then slowly begin to inch closer and closer to the garden until they're confident that they can chow down without penalty.

This has been the case with 'Guaranteed' repellent methods such as organic sprays and noisemakers.

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I have to think that these peas will get to grow unmunched this year!

This will be as close as those pesky hoofed ruminants will get, UNLESS.

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They can figure out how to lift this latch, if that happens then we may have to break out the padlocks.

More updates to come!