Sure enough, the dog days of Summer have once again rendered our Granite State as "Abnormally Dry" in the western region. And I have once again mocked this with Microsoft Paint.

Seriously though!

How am I supposed to look at the mustard yellow region that engulfs Sullivan County and most of Southern Vermont and NOT highlight the fact that it looks exactly like a bottle of French's Mustard?

I am rather proud of the accuracy in not only replicating the red twist nozzle that appears pointed right at Manchester, but also the swooshing red pennant logo of the company that has set the standard for mustard going back to 1904.

If you look quick, it really does appear like a 400 mile tall bottle toppled over and squirted the Sanford Springvale area of Maine with 'the smooth texture and tangy taste that your family will love.'

It almost makes me wish the drought will continue.

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