In my 5 year unofficial position as Shark NH Drought expert I can never recall a Granite State drought quite like this one, so I drew an equally bizarre sketch to emphasize it! and Train Art Studios
and Train Art Studios

Even the vicious drought that occurred in 2016 was swept away by this time in January of the next year, doused heavily by rains in the fall, followed by a substantial amount of snow.

I was sure that the drenching rain on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day would eliminate any residual dryness.

Coupled by the fact it was so mild and the heavy snow pack left from Winter Storm Gail would turn streams into rivers and rivers into raging Amazonian waterways.

Alas, here we are and so is the drought.

As far as the Seacoast is concerned, I'm happy that the oval of 'Severe Drought' that ran through four counties is now but a memory and we are in a condition of 'Abnormal Dryness'.

Now to observe and interpret my illustration.

I don't ever recall portraying our State as a human face before, but the Moderate Drought that is still in Cheshire, Grafton and Merrimac Counties looked so much like an open mouth, I just had to fill in the blanks.

In this scenario, our state is parched from a winter hike and is beginning to drink from a gigantic and environmentally conscious blue water bottle.

I had to add an eye to give our State more of an anthropologic look and I apologize for that heinous winter hat.

Hopefully, this illustration will help to bring about the much needed moisture and we will finally be free from this seemingly unending drought that was yet another woeful aspect of 2020.

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