I spent a good chunk of the weekend watching "North Woods Law."  I'm not sure if Animal Planet was having a scheduled marathon or what, but the show was on all day Sunday and I took it in like a newborn baby to it's Mama's breast.  Weird analogy, I know!  Anyway, all this TV watching made me want to become a Forest Ranger!  (Without all the gross stuff, mind you)  It also prompted me to go to their Facebook page and tell them how much I love the NH Fish and Game Department and found out that I could actually help them!

According to NH Fish and Game's Facebook page, the Department's Marine Division is trying to determine how warming ocean waters are influencing the movements of female lobsters carrying eggs.  They have placed 24 ocean drifters off the NH coast from 4 different locations.

You can track the drifters by clicking here.

Here's where we come in:  NH Fish and Game rely on the public and the fishermen to recognize these drifters and if we see one before August 1st, just leave it alone.  However, if you see one AFTER August 1st, retrieve it.  There will be a phone number on it to call or text to make arrangements to get the drifter from you.

My eyes are going to be PEELED on August 1st!  I'll be super excited if I actually SEE and am able to retrieve one of these drifters.  I plan on talking to them further about volunteer opportunities.  Or, maybe North Woods Law is just getting to me....


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