There are a lot of Granite Staters that have lost their job or been layed off due to the devastation of this Coronavirus pandemic.  Finally some relief is on the way.

NH Governor Chris Sununu has announced the further expansion of unemployment benefits according to WMUR 9.

So what does that mean if you're waiting on a check? Well, because of the  $2 trillion coronavirus response bill that was passed you'll be getting more money.  The governor announced an increase in the minimum unemployment benefits from $32 per week to $168 per week. Plus, an additional $600 per week will be given to unemployed workers through federal funds.

In addition, Governor Sununu said the duration of time you can collect unemployment will be increased from 13 weeks to 39 weeks, WMUR 9 reports.

So, how do you get the increased benefits?  If you've already filed you won't need to do anything additional.  According to WMUR 9, the  process to file for unemployment will stay the same.

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