Governor Sununu has an extremely important press conference scheduled for Friday and today he called in with a preview of what the announcement may entail as far as reopening some New Hampshire businesses.


We're going to provide a little more opportunity for folks.


We're not getting rid of it (The Stay At Home Order) but we're going to open it up a little bit there are some new businesses that we can get back online.


Things like elective surgeries in hospitals, maybe do something with the Dentists, opening those offices sometime in the near future.


Concerts and music venues?


I don't know when those would possibly open, I don't think you're going to see anything substantial this summer unfortunately, anywhere in America. It's really, really tough.


- Gov. Chris Sununu on 'Flexing' The Stay At Home Order

As far as my own personal hair care ordeal, The Governor suggested that I go along with Sarah's plans to cut my hair tomorrow, but then deftly hide the scissors.

This is a great idea!

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