Monday afternoon, May 11, 2020, Governor Sununu was on Channel 9, WMUR, for another press conference.

We learned today that we will be dealing with COVID-19 in NH for "many more weeks, if not months."  Dr. Benjamin Chan, NH State Epidemiologist said.  Also, the restrictions for the Stay At Home 2.0 guidelines for assisted living housing is, "still very much remain in place."

The press conference also cited new outbreaks at assisted living facilities around the state including Hillsborough County Nursing Home in Goffstown and Community Resources for Justice in Manchester, a transitional home for adults.

If you sign up for a position like Lori Shibinette, Health and Human Services Commissioner for NH or the aforementioned Dr. Chan or Governor Sununu, there is expectation that you are the authority on all things COVID related, but I wouldn't be me if I didn't feel empathetic for all of them.  I wonder if I had the opportunity to maybe share a glass of wine with any of them, would they admit that they are sick to death of talking about testing and stay-at-home orders and long term facility exposure and strategy for public health, etc., etc.  It is their job, however, if you talk about anything for weeks and weeks and weeks, chances are, you're gonna get really tired of doing it.  Information is KEY at this time, so I'm sure they realize what they are doing is of utmost importance!

On the other hand, come to think of it, if someone asked me if I would ever get sick of talking about music, or my family, chances are, I'd say NO.  So maybe it's just ME that is getting sick of hearing about COVID.  Don't worry, it'll pass.  Like you, these things come in waves.  Maybe in an hour or so, I'll be craving more information and run to my computer or TV again.

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