HEY!  Well, lookee here!

According to the Valley News, a Hanover High School graduate defeated the latest Jeopardy champion last night, winning $22,400.

Gabe Brison-Trezise graduated from Hanover High and was the former Captain of the HHS Quiz Bowl team, who he led to consecutive state championships.  The article says that he graduated Kenyon College in 2016, so I'm assuming he graduated HHS in 2012, but he could have sailed right through.  Gabe now works as a researcher in Washington, D.C.  He beat out Jason Zuffranieri, who had been on the show for 19 days, coming from behind to take the win with the only correct answer in Final Jeopardy.  Up until that point, Jason Z had won $532,496.

Gabe is also the son of Susan Brison, a Dartmouth College Professor, who was the host of an event that my husband (then cute stranger) was featured as a guest guitarist back in 2008.  David (my husband) was a Professor at Dartmouth at the time as well and it was our very first date.

Super cool how everything, literally, leads back to New Hampshire.

Gabe will be on tonight's episode and everyone here in the Granite State wish him well!


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