Who Knew I Was Taking Care of Me When I Talked About Others?

We here in NH know that the people in Hanover at Dartmouth College are wicked smaaaht.  I have to say, however, I never thought I would have them confirm that talking about other people may serve as a social connection with others that we all crave at times, amirite?

How Can Talking About Others Be a Good Thing?

One of the wicked smart researchers, Eshin Jolly says in an article from eurekaalert.org, 

Gossip is a complex form of communication that is often misunderstood.  It can be a means of social and substantive connection beyond its typical negative connotation..... Gossip can be useful because it helps people learn through the experiences of others, while enabling them to become closer to each other in the process.

Does Everyone Gossip?

YES.  The recent Dartmouth study wasn't the only time that this has been researched.  Psychologists at Knox College in Illinois said in an article from NBCnews.com "everybody gossips."  This article states that it's probably a relic left over from our survival days when we relied on others to tell us what they know about other people in order to survive. Gossip isn't inherently bad, in fact, it plays an important role in keeping our society connected.

Does That Mean I Can Just Go Ahead and Talk About Everyone?

Ummmm, no.  I this writers opinion, if you do, no one will like you.  However, if you talk about what others like for say.... candy or cake flavors, have at it.  Only sweet goodness can come out of that.

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