You always hear how much New Englanders love ice cream, according to WMUR-TV, this local Dairy Queen has the amazing stats to back up that fact.

There are almost 5,000 DQ stores in the USA. This 715 Second Street Manchester locale was the SECOND busiest of them all last week pulling in 4,000 customers.

And yes. It was ALL Drive Thru.

So of course, here's the real reason I'm writing this article. To whine and complain!

Why isn't the Somersworth location open yet? Let's go High Street!

There are megabucks to be made by Berkshire Hathaway their parent owner.

Every time I drive by, it looks closer and closer to opening yet the Drive Thru signs are still blank.

I'm hoping that this post actually works as a reverse jinx and I will find out that my ranting will look quite foolish.

A 'soft opening' for soft serve? As long as I can get a Peanut Buster Parfait right down the road? I promise I'll never rant again!

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