According to a story from WCVB-TV, Lane Memorial Library in Hampton says that they are considering banning people who return books with bedbugs inside after they appeared at the return desk last month.  The bugs were discovered by library staff who checked the books that were returned on September 21.  The book and the return desk was cleaned with alcohol and determined safe by a pest removal service.

According to the story, the library trustees will be presented with the policy at their November 13th meeting.   If approved, the policy would require those who return books with bedbugs to obtain documentation showing the bugs have been removed from their home.


I can see both sides of this.  On one side, there are the people who work at the library, my sister Holly being one of them.  She works in Nashua, so I'm sure there are people who return icky books to her.  She doesn't want to go near them and bring them home to her house.  It could happen!  So, I understand the potential ban.

However, what about the people who check out the books in the first place.  I want to say that they didn't realize that they had bedbugs in the books, otherwise, they wouldn't have returned them in that condition.

Maybe, if this ban is put in to action, the library would be doing them a favor and letting them know that they have a problem and need to fix it.

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